The SS United States: the Safest Ship Afloat

“You can’t set her on fire, you can’t sink her, and you can’t catch her!”

Terrible tragedies befell a number of ocean liners in the 20th century, often resulting in significant injury and loss of life and grabbing international headlines. The sinking of these behemoths of the sea was always a very real possibility, most notably in 1912 when the famed RMS Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic and fell to the ocean floor. Other ships, such as the SS Morro Castle, went up in flames; the ship was completely destroyed in 1930 when a fire broke out and devoured her from within.

William Francis Gibbs learned from these maritime disasters and designed a ship that set records not just for speed, but for safety. As he famously said: “You can’t set her on fire, you can’t sink her, and you can’t catch her!” The SS United States is a national treasure that can teach many important stories. She must be saved so that her legacy will be preserved for generations to come-- will you join our voyage to rescue this icon of innovation?

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