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Mother and daughter return to SS United States after 58 years

We love to hear from passengers who traveled aboard the SS United States. Learn more about Sabina Boston and her mother Gisela Seward, who both recently visited the vessel for the first time since 1959:

Sabina Boston crossed the Atlantic on the SS United States in January of 1959, as she, her mother, and her sister joined Sabina’s father in America. During the crossing Sabina’s mother, Gisela Seward, connected with a woman named Lisolotte. Both being German, they had a lot in common and became fast friends, remaining in contact for a few years before losing track of each other.

The family never forgot their happy memories on board the SS United States, and through the years, Gisela claimed she was “German determined” to board the ship “one more time in [her] life.” This September, that determination paid off, as mother and daughter embarked on a cross-country road trip to visit the SS United States at the vessel’s current home.

Sabina Boston and mother Gisela Seward aboard the SS United States in 2017

Sabina describes their tour of the ship: “Mom was very emotional as we first saw her from the parking lot at the restaurant and several times during our tour. It was emotional for me too, and lots of memories came flooding back as we walked through familiar areas. My mother even climbed the spiral staircase and the stairs.”

Incredibly, Sabina was also able to locate Lisolotte – now living just an hour away from the ship’s Philadelphia berth – and the two women were finally reunited. How wonderful that this friendship, born on the SS United States, has been able to continue despite many years and many miles apart!

Reunited! Gisela Seward, with Lisolotte Neumann and her daughter Brigitte


We love hearing stories from passengers, like Sabina and Gisela, who forged lasting memories aboard the SS United States. Do you have your own SS United States story to tell? Send us an email at

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