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What if the SS United States’ famous funnels spouted confetti?

The SS United States continues to inspire future generations, including Max, a three-year-old artist and dedicated Conservancy supporter.

Three-year-old fan Max Strasbaugh

Max tells us that here he has depicted colorful confetti spouting out of the SS United States' mighty funnels. We love the festive look that Max has brought to the Big U, and can only hope that he continues to choose America’s Flagship as his muse!

Max's father is the Conservancy's Southeastern US Chapter co-chair, Michael Strasbaugh, so we can be sure that Max is well informed on what exactly makes the ship so cool. You can help ensure the future of Max’s favorite ship by donating online today.


Is there a child in your life who loves the Big U and has painted, colored, drawn, or sculpted the vessel? Lego, Play Dough, magic marker, or finger paint: the SS United States looks great in all mediums. We'd love to see - and share - the artwork! Drop us a line at

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