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WATCH: The SS United States, an Original "American Idol"

She was an instant star, appearing in the pages of Vogue and Playboy, attracting famed society bandleader Meyer Davis and his orchestras, and even stealing the show in the Walt Disney production Bon Voyage!

Learn more about the SS United States' importance as a national cultural icon in this clip from the award-winning 2008 American Public Television documentary SS United States: Lady in Waiting.

Presented with thanks to Mark Perry and the SS United States Conservancy West Coast Chapter

SS United States: Lady in Waiting was directed by Robert Radler and produced by Conservancy Board Member Mark Perry. Can't wait to see more? Special Limited First Edition copies of the film are available online, and packed with over 30 minutes of special features!


The SS United States offers over 500,000 square feet of the most innovative and exciting real estate in the country. We are committed to the ship's revitalization and redevelopment, but America's Flagship needs your help. Donate today to help ensure the future of the world's fastest ocean liner, and follow us on Facebook to help spread the word online!

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