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The Big Ship on Canvas

Over the last few months, we've shared stories of creative people of all stripes who have been inspired by the SS United States — from authors and composers to model makers. Though their medium of choice may have been different, all of them were absolutely taken with this soaring symbol of American imagination, dedication, and perseverance.

Today, we're excited to share with you some of the truly breathtaking paintings that have been shared with (or donated to) the Conservancy in recent years.

This first portrait was painted by Eugenio Errea, an Argentinian maritime artist who was especially moved by the SS United States, as well as the Conservancy's continuing effort to save her for future generations.

Errea offered his "humble work" (his words) to the Conservancy, with the "hopes that it serves, even minimally, to recover our beloved ship and give her back her splendor."

Eugenio Errea, at work on a reproduction of a 1964 photograph of the Big U.

The photo below was taken in New York Harbor in 2015. The painting, which depicts both the SS United States and the RMS Queen Mary, was created by Dutch industrial artist Nico M. Peeters, who has graciously permitted us to share this photograph with you.

The following works were donated in 2016 by Conservancy supporter and former passenger Jane Schulling. Jane traveled on America's Flagship with her mother and two sisters in 1962 — en route to visit her father, who was then stationed at Evreux Air Force Base in France.

The watercolor portrait below was created by an unknown artist. It showcases the ship's graceful lines, as well as her seemingly unshakeable structure.

Notice the relative ease with which the Big U moves through the water. Thanks to the vessel's incredibly precise design and sturdy construction, she was able to weather rough storms and large waves with resilience.

Finally, this last portrait was created by British maritime artist Simon Fisher. It depicts the SS United States in New York Harbor, beside another soaring symbol of American values, the Statue of Liberty.


Have you painted your own portrait of the SS United States? Are you in possession of an artistic depiction of America's Flagship that you'd be willing to donate to our permanent curatorial collection? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us.

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