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Passenger Memories: Tom Mueller's Collection

From the day she set sail on her maiden voyage in July 1952, the SS United States has made an unforgettable impression on passengers, crew, and maritime enthusiasts of all ages.

The Conservancy is always delighted to hear from former passengers, who often share with us not only their memories from aboard the Big U, but also a wide variety of photographs and keepsakes from their personal collections.

One of these passengers is Tom Mueller who, just a few months after the vessel's record-breaking maiden voyage, climbed aboard America's Flagship with his mother, brother, and sister — setting a course for England, where they'd join Mueller's father, a member of the U.S. Air Force who had been transferred to the United Kingdom.

The Mueller family dines aboard the SS United States. Photograph courtesy of Tom Mueller.

"The SS United States has always held a special memory for me," Mueller says. "Although I was only 4 years old at the time, I was fortunate enough to have a mother who saved important things, so I still have a few precious photos, a menu, and the passenger list from our voyage."

Tom Mueller poses with his mother and sister. Photograph courtesy of Tom Mueller.

The slideshow below features some of the other mementos Tom Mueller sent us, including a portion of the passenger list from his voyage, a page from the Cabin Class dining menu, and an SS United States jigsaw puzzle.


The SS United States has created unforgettable memories for countless former passengers and crew. We can save this magnificent vessel for future generations, but we need your help.

Do you have memories of your time aboard America’s Flagship? Send us an email at

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