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Conservancy Supporter Spotlight: Scott Savett and Thermo Fisher

It's no secret that the incredible generosity of our members buoys our efforts to keep America's Flagship afloat.

Our supporters often ask what they can do to help. One of the most powerful ways to amplify your contributions is by securing a matching donation from your employer. Many organizations are willing to match employee donations (in whole or in part), which gives our members a chance to maximize the impact of their generous support.

Scott Savett is one of many Conservancy supporters who has, for many years, secured matching donations from his employer.

"My wife and I started supporting the Conservancy in 2012. The SS United States was celebrating the 60th anniversary of shattering the Atlantic crossing speed record," he says. "The thought that such a storied and iconic ship could be scrapped tore at me. We have given to SSUSC every year since then, sometimes multiple times in a year."

The SS United States at her current berth in Philadelphia, November 2018.

Photo courtesy of Michael Wolfe.

Savett's employer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers a generous 50% match of charitable contributions — doubling individual contributions up to $1,000 per employee each year.

"They make it really easy," Savett says. "It's just a matter of visiting a company Web page, filling out an online form, and uploading the donation receipt."

If you haven't already, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would ask your employer to match your donations to the SS United States Conservancy. You can also make a huge impact in other ways, such as donating appreciated stock or scheduling a recurring monthly contribution.


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