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From the Captain's Table: The Big U Recipe of the Week

As we've discussed previously on this blog, many passengers of the SS United States disembarked the ship with fond memories of meals enjoyed on board.

And it was for that reason that United States Lines published The Captain's Table — a recipe book featuring favorite dishes served aboard the Big U and her older sister, the SS America.

A page from The Captain's Table, published by United States Lines.

Donated by Kingston Winget.

Whenever we have posted about this beloved, yet long-out-of-print tome on our social media accounts, we have received requests from supporters who would like to see a new edition of the recipe book published.

As any author or publisher will attest, printing and distributing a physical book is quite an undertaking. For now, we're planning to do the next thing by regularly sharing recipes with you on our blog!

We recently added to our collection of recipes from the SS United States — thanks to a very generous donation from Robert Scofield, in honor of Michael Persico. Michael had collected a number of typewritten recipes from the ship's early files, many requested by grateful passengers. We are so grateful for this recent archival donation, and are excited to share the images with you in the weeks ahead.

Each dish we'll be sharing was crafted and prepared by none other than the Big U's master chef, Otto Bismarck. The selections are representative of the fine dining enjoyed by passengers of the SS United States in her heyday, clearly detailed and explained so that you can prepared them in your own kitchen.

We're kicking off this new series with a delicious two-course meal featuring chef Otto Bismarck's signature "Lobster A L'United States" and a mocha parfait for dessert. Bon appétit!

Images donated by Robert Scofield, in honor of Michael Persico.


Do you remember any meals you enjoyed aboard the SS United States? Share them, along with any other memories of your time aboard America’s Flagship, by sending an email to

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