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From the Captain's Table: Cold Eggs Muscovite

We're back with the second installment two of our new blog series, Recipes from The Captain's Table. Each week, we'll be featuring recipes crafted and served on board America's Flagship, which you can replicate in your own kitchen.

Last week, we shared a two-course meals featuring Lobster L'United States and a dessert of Parfait Mocha. Today, we'll be spotlighting a unique, egg-based dish called Cold Eggs Muscovite.

Here are the instructions (which, though slightly different than the "official instructions" that appear in the The Captain's Table recipe book, will yield roughly the same result).

Slightly level both ends of some shelled, hard-boiled eggs. Surround the tops and the bases with three little anchovy filets, and place a bit of truffle just half-way along each egg. Eggs prepared in this way resemble little barrels, the anchovy fillets [sic] imitate the iron hoops, and the bits of truffle the bungs. With a small corer empty the eggs with care; Garnish them with caviar, and shape to a point, on the ends of the egg.

Lay each egg in an artichoke-bottom, cooked white, and garnished with finely-chopped jelly, and arrange them in a circle on a dish with chopped jelly in the center.

Images donated by Robert Scofield, in honor of Michael Persico.


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