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The SS United States, the world's fastest ocean liner, isn't just a marvel of technology: she's a living icon of the American dream. She represents the power of freedom, hard work, common purpose, and innovation. 

Entirely Made in America by over 3,000 pairs of tireless hands, and with products and components from every state in the nation, the SS United States was a global ambassador and the pinnacle of mid-century maritime design. She debuted in 1952 as the most powerful, modern, and advanced passenger liner ever built, smashing the transatlantic speed record on her maiden voyage. But behind her graceful lines and patriotic flair, she was a national security asset, capable of being transformed into a state-of-the-art, top secret military vessel.


The story of the SS United States is our story. It is the story of the nation’s triumphant emergence after the trauma of World War II. It’s also a story of the glamour of old Hollywood and the advent of mid-century modern art and design. It’s about people from small towns and big cities setting out on journeys to distant shores. It's about immigrants crossing the sea and beginning new lives.


Now, in 2018, the only ship carrying the name of her namesake nation is in danger. The SS United States still stands or our nation’s motto, ‘E Pluribus Unum’ – ‘Out of Many, One.’ She is a soaring symbol of national unity at a time of intense national division. Come aboard and help us achieve our mission.



A national nonprofit organization, the SS United States Conservancy leads the global effort to save and repurpose America’s Flagship, the SS United States. The Conservancy raises public awareness and financial resources for the maintenance, restoration and ultimate reuse of this iconic vessel and works to ensure that the fastest ocean liner ever to cross the Atlantic remains an inspiration for generations to come.


For more information about the SS United States Conservancy and America's Flagship, visit or the Conservancy's Facebook page.

The SS United States is… a symbol of our country’s industry and accomplishment… the destruction of the United States would be tantamount to destroying other national monuments like the Liberty Bell or the Statue of Liberty… we must maintain what is good and constant in our past if we are to imagine a better future.


--Former President Bill Clinton

People came from afar just to see her in harbor. To look at her, just could thrill you with pride and wonder.  She was just a magnificent looking boat... It would be a restoration of American pride in something it should be very proud of.


--Legendary brodcast journalist Walter Cronkite

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