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The SS United States: A Photographer's Playground (Part 2)

The SS United States Conservancy’s permanent collections are an important component of the organization’s larger curatorial efforts to preserve both the tangible and intangible history of the SS United States.

We want to share a truly prized photo from the permanent collections today. This one comes from all the way back in 1952 -- America's Flagship's first year in service -- taken by Edward J. Heins, Jr., the ship's Chief Plumber. Witness one of the United States' iconic funnels from an angle not often seen!

The Conservancy’s archives continue to grow thanks to generous donations from friends and partners form every corner of the world. Our collection includes passenger lists, menus, life vests, film footage, paintings, and even scale models of America's Flagship. Your donation will support the Conservancy's unsinkable commitment to the long-term preservation of its permanent collections, the history of the SS United States, and keeping these items available to many generations to come.

Photo courtesy of Eva Heins

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