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We Are Seeking Artifacts for Our Future Shipboard Museum

From the Conservancy's inception, we have focused on acquiring items from and related to the SS United States and United States Lines for future public display and educational outreach.

Our ultimate goal is to create a shipboard museum aboard the redeveloped Big U, allowing our extensive archive of artifacts and photographs to be showcased in a permanent public display. In doing this, we will help preserve the legacy of America's Flagship for future generations, so that she may continue to inspire for decades to come.

In recent months, the Conservancy has acquired a number of significant additions to our private curatorial collection, including:

  • A massive stationary bike odometer, donated by Arlan Ettinger.

  • The uniform of the ship's relieving master, Captain John Tucker, donated by his daughter, Kim Sacco.

  • Several fascinating artifacts from the private collection of Conservancy Board member, Mark Perry, including two deck chairs and the coffee table from the Captain's reception room.

While our curatorial holdings have grown significantly thanks to our generous supporters, we continue to seek unique in-kind donations to the Conservancy's permanent collection.

Here are some of the items we are looking for:

  • Shipboard artifacts purchased at auction in 1984, or acquired in the years since.

  • Memorabilia related to the SS United States or United States Lines.

  • Photographs of the ship during her service years, or from her years docked in Virginia, post-retirement.

Are you in possession of any of the items listed above, and willing to donate them to the SS United States Conservancy? CLICK HERE to get started.

If you're not yet ready to part with your items but would be interested in loaning them temporarily for upcoming exhibitions, please CLICK HERE to fill out our Loan Object Survey. If you have any additional questions, please contact Allee Davis, our Outreach & Preservation Director.


CLICK HERE to help us create long-awaited second act for America's Flagship, so that she may continue to inspire future generations.

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