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Climbing Aboard the Big U with Supporter Wayne Yanda

Throughout September, the Conservancy ran a special campaign to raise funds for the SS United States, with a focus on generating donations of $35 or more from our members. In case you missed it, you can read more about our "Don't Give Up the Ship" campaign HERE.

As you may recall, we promised to reward one qualifying donor with a guided tour of America's Flagship. That donor was Wayne Yanda, who, just last weekend, made the journey to South Philadelphia — where he was able climb aboard America's Flagship.

Leading up to the tour, we asked Wayne about his personal connection to the SS United States. He said:

"I think I first came across the SS United States while in high school, discovering her in my late grandpa's stash of Popular Mechanics. A few years later, I was in Norfolk, standing at the CSX pier staring in wonder."

Over the years, I've been researching the art in her public spaces, having chatted with Bill King who designed the First Class Smoking Room mural, and Mira Jedwabnik Van Doren, who executed the enamelwork for the First Class Observation Lounge tables, and stateroom plaques. (Shameless plug time, visit my website: The Big U is an iconic symbol of the age when we built and did big things, and hopefully, the potential will not be squandered."

Below, find a slideshow of photos taken by Wayne Yanda during his tour of the SS United States.


Our many thanks go out to all of our supporters who contributed during September's "Don't Give Up the Ship" campaign. It is only with your help that we are able to continue our efforts to preserve the legacy of America's Flagship.

CLICK HERE to make a generous contribution today.

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