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An Aluminum Piano?

Is Steinway and Sons up for the challenge?

The SS United States Conservancy will need an aluminum piano for its future SS United States museum. Why? Ship designer William Francis Gibbs was obsessed with fire prevention and banned wood from the legendary ocean liner, with only a few exceptions. One such exception were the Steinway Baby Grands, which were made of Mahogany.

Gibbs personally cajoled Theodore Steinway to customize pianos in aluminum, and the men almost came to blows; however, Steinway won the skirmish after dousing a mahogany piano with gasoline and igniting it, thus demonstrating its fire resistant attributes. Perhaps Steinway & Sons will want an aluminum piano on display in its Manhattan showroom? A Myer Davis Orchestra cover band will be summoned!

We're on a mission to save America's Flagship-- will you help us rescue and revitalize this symbol of American innovation? Make your donation to the #WeAreTheUnitedStates campaign today!

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