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Our Nation. Our Flagship.

What is in a name? The SS United States is one of the few – if not the only – objects in America named after our great nation. Today, the name United States still graces the bow of this massive symbol of our country’s power and ingenuity. But the rust that cascades down those letters is a reminder that if we don’t all work to protect our nation, honor our common values and remember our history, we could lose what we hold dear.

America’s Flagship is ready for a renaissance. She’s ready to send a message

about not just our past but our future. Her name represents us: our freedom, our diversity, our hopes and our dreams. Allowing the United States to sit and rust – or worse yet, be destroyed – is something we simply cannot allow to happen. Those letters should be gleaming white and her funnels a proud red-white-and-blue again. You can help make it happen. Donate here. Donate now. And help save the United States.

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