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We may have a new look, but our cause remains the same: Saving America's Flagship.

The SS United States Conservancy is proud to welcome you aboard the We Are the United States campaign!

Click here to read our official campaign press release

This effort, which seeks to raise $500,000 by July 4th to help rescue and revitalize the SS United States, is built on the idea that our common values can transcend any partisan divide and overcome any challenge we face.

America's Flagship so many of our of our nation’s most enduring ideals-- that's why we're calling on your support today!

In addition to our new website, we've also launched a crowdfunding drive on GoFundMe as part of our efforts to prevent this symbol of our nation from being lost forever. While you can always donate right here on the website or via mail, we encourage you to check out our new crowdfunding site and spread the word across your favorite social media channels.

America's Flagship is an enduring symbol of what we're capable of when we unite behind a common cause. And now, more than ever, she needs your help in order to inspire a new generation of visitors as a waterfront destination and a living museum of our most hopeful days as a people.

Join us on our voyage to save the United States!

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