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WATCH: Gibbs & Cox's Amazing 3D Render of the SS United States

We've got something very special to share with you today courtesy of the firm that brought America's Flagship into the world: Gibbs & Cox, Inc.

Yowza! William Francis Gibbs himself would surely be proud of the way his proud old organization — founded all the way back in 1922 — continues to honor the legacy of the SS United States. In fact, despite its countless engineering projects Gibbs & Cox has taken on in the 65 years since her debut, the company still considers America's Flagship to be their crowning achievement! As their official website reads:

The firm’s signature ship is the oceangoing passenger superliner SS UNITED STATES. The SS UNITED STATES was the largest and fastest passenger vessel ever constructed in the US when completed in 1952, and is considered to be the greatest American ocean liner ever built. The SS UNITED STATES was designed to be rapidly converted from a luxury liner to a high-speed troop transport (for up to 15,000 troops) or hospital ship in wartime, and incorporated many of the advanced fire protection and ship survivability design features developed from the firm’s warship design experience. The SS UNITED STATES established the transatlantic speed record on her maiden voyage, averaging 35.6 knots in its crossing, winning the Hales Trophy and coveted Blue Riband for the fastest crossing.

Thanks so much to Gibbs & Cox for sharing this gem with us! Find more 3D adventures on the Blue Riband blog, and be sure to tell a friend about the campaign to save the SS United States. Together, we can rescue and revitalize America's Flagship.


The SS United States has always been a soaring symbol of ingenuity, innovation, and the nation's ability to join arm-in-arm to advance common goals. Make your tax-deductible donation today, and help us save the Big U!

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