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"First Lady of the Sea"

The SS United States was such a big deal that she had her own theme song! Even though the lyrics were accompanied by mahogany pianos -- not the aluminum ones the ship's designer had intended -- the ship's passengers belted out these lyrics on her record-breaking maiden voyage:

Since Washington was headman of the Nation And Martha was first lady of the land. Americans with justified elation Have found First Ladies to be grand. There have always been first ladies of the Nation. But never a first lady of the sea. It's as tho' the people waited for a ship to really rate it. And now they're found the key.

Salute the UNITED STATES, First Lady of the SEA Power in every line. She has beauty and dignity. The FIRST LADY of the SEA. Endowed with her country's traits. Proud of her destiny. The SS United States. She's got New York's style, California's grace, the Midwest's strength and Texas space. The Southland's charm, and the Nation's pace. She's got Freedom's form and Liberty's face.

We're looking forward to this song trending on iTunes when America's Flagship is finally saved! Make your donation today and join our voyage to revitalize this great icon.

Susan Gibbs is the Executive Director of the SS United States Conservancy. To learn more about the Conservancy and its efforts, visit

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