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Ohio teen works to raise awareness of America's Flagship

One SS United States Conservancy supporter, 16-year-old Jacob from Ohio, is doing everything he can to spread the word about the Big U. He designed a flyer and has been distributing it in his neighborhood. He recently wrote Susan Gibbs, the Conservancy's executive director, and shared some of his ship sketches and described how much he loves the SS United States and how William Francis Gibbs, the vessel's designer has been an inspiration to him:

"Thanks to him and his ship I now want to become a naval architect! I love what u guys do. We must save our ship!!! When I first saw that ocean liner I fell in love with it! I loved its huge funnels and the look of her just amazed me. And from then on, I've become just fascinated with ocean liners and the SS United States. I've become such a fan I've read 2 books about her: "A Man and his Ship" by Steven Ujifusa and "The Big Ship" by Frank Braynard! I also built a model kit of the ship from Revel and I've donated 50 dollars to the Conservancy! Just recently i got to see her in Philadelphia it was an amazing sight! I was amazed by her size and beauty. So thanks to your grandfather and his ship my life has become really fun and exciting and i just want to thank you for that!"

We thank you, Jacob, for reaching out to us and for helping us save the United States! We absolutely love hearing from folks who have come to love the Big U-- drop us a line at!

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