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Flagship fan builds SS United States model, working on his second

We would like to give a special-shout out to Anthony Skiles of Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

Read what Anthony wrote to the Conservancy this summer:

Hello, my name is Anthony Skiles, I am 31 years old from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I just wanted to say thank you to Susan Gibbs and everyone at the conservancy for work to preserve the most incredible for lack of a better word, thing I have ever seen. I have going to Philadelphia for as long as I can remember, school field trips, baseball games etc. About 2 years ago a good friend of mine moved to south Philadelphia and came to stay the weekend. It was then that I first saw the funnels in the far distance. I thought it was a big building. I was absolutely awe struck by the size and beauty of it. I have learned as much as possible about it, built one model and am working on a second. I love the ship. So thank you for preserving it.

We love hearing stories like these. Thank you, Anthony, for all of your support!

As always, if you have a story of your own to share, leave us a comment or reach out at

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