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Flagship FAQs: Why not move the SS United States to a less expensive location?

Today, we're back to answer another important question posed by our generous supporters.

It is not feasible to move the SS United States to a new location with potentially lower costs until full project financing is secured for the first phase of the ship’s remediation. While the SS United States’ upkeep costs, including dockage, insurance policies, security and vessel maintenance, total approximately $60,000 a month, the pier rental charges of $850 per day are below market levels, and the Conservancy has negotiated a “rent freeze” since acquiring title to the ship.

The ship’s current, secure location on the Delaware River has been advantageous because the protected, freshwater conditions have helped prevent hull corrosion. Extensive studies have shown that America's Flagship remains entirely structurally sound, and regular inspections and maintenance by Conservancy staff and our partners ensures that the 990 ft vessel is safe and secure at her current berth.

The expenses and complications associated with moving her dictate that her next port of call will be to a dry dock for the first phase of her exterior revitalization. It is not practical or cost-effective to move the vessel to a new location until redevelopment plans are finalized and financed. In the meantime, the Conservancy remains committed to charting a course towards the ship's revitalization.


For more answers to frequently asked questions about the SS United States and the Conservancy, CLICK HERE to read our full summary. Additionally, you can always drop us a line at

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