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Conservancy clarifies social media community guidelines; responds to recent misinformation

Over the last several months, we've noticed an uptick in the number of negative comments and pointed accusations about the work of the SS United States Conservancy. These come from a small number of posters who habitually ignore facts and information that the Conservancy releases about our expenditures, progress, plans for the future and the continuing challenges we face.

Some of these posts accuse the Conservancy of illicit activity using outright lies, innuendo and just plain wrong information. Again, these posts come from a very small group of our more than 18,000 followers on Facebook. Through our social media activity, blog posts, website and e-updates, we have repeatedly attempted to answer questions from our supporters and respond to accusations. We commit to continuing to be responsive and provide information on an ongoing basis with supporters who are interested in fact-based and constructive dialogue about the ship, our activities and how they can help. People interested only in posting inaccurate charges and deliberately undermining our mission - one that so many people believe in - have no place on our digital platforms, and we will no longer provide them with a venue to damage the effort to save America's Flagship.

We will continue to respond to questions, suggestions and even constructive criticism as we always have. We value your continued interest, support and patience as we race against time to secure a permanent home and the substantial investment capital

needed for the full redevelopment of the nation's sole remaining great ocean liner.

Please use these links to navigate to a couple of recent updates and answers to important questions about the ship's status and Conservancy's activities:

Thanks again for being a part of our global supporter network and all you do to help save the SS United States.

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