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Brooklyn SS United States exhibit runs through this Sunday, September 24th

It's was extended by popular demand, but this weekend is your last chance to experience the glory of the WORLD'S FASTEST LUXURY LINER in New York at the City Reliquary!

"The United States: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" opened on July 1st at Brooklyn's City Reliquary with the help of the SS United States Conservancy's New York Chapter.

The exhibition celebrates the extraordinary career of America’s Flagship, from her days as a young speed queen and popular cover girl to aging star of yesteryear and nearly forgotten "has-been," and finally -- with your help -- to one of the great comeback stories in U.S. history.

We hope to see you this weekend in Brooklyn!

Click here to learn more about the City Reliquary. To contact the Conservancy's New York Chapter, drop a line to

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