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Romance aboard America's Flagship! SS United States plays role in surprise onboard proposal

The SS United States is a local landmark in her current location on the Delaware River. Find out how two Philadelphia residents incorporated the Big U into their special day:

Newly engaged: Casey Reeve and Maurie "Mo" Smith in front of the SS United States.

Photograph by Michael Wolfe.

Like a scene out of the famous prime time series, Casey Reeve, 29 of South Philadelphia recently turned America’s Flagship into his own personal "Love Boat" by proposing aboard the historic ship.

Since moving to the area, Casey and Maurie "Mo" Smith, 30, have been enamored with the SS United States. Casey, who grew up on Shelter Island, NY, has spent most of his life surrounded by the sea. His father, a member of the Merchant Marines, instilled in him at an early age a respect and love for maritime life and culture. Casey works as a designer for an architectural metal fabricator in Philadelphia; for him the SS United States combines his love of the sea with his desire to understand the mechanical underpinnings of the ship known by all to be a true engineering masterpiece.

Mo grew up in West Philadelphia without much exposure to water. Trained as an urban planner, she is constantly looking for new urban experiences that can tie together her passion for economic development and urban investment. While dating, Casey and Mo spent many afternoons admiring the SS United States. Mo’s own fascination with the vessel derives from a curiosity about the ship's history, and an interest in how the vessel's conservation and revitalization could contribute to an urban landscape.

Casey Reeve proposes to Maurie "Mo" Smith in the bow of the SS United States.

Photograph by Michael Wolfe.

Earlier this summer, Casey reached out to the SS United States Conservancy with a romantic idea – to propose to Mo on board America’s Flagship, the last American ocean liner. The Conservancy was happy to oblige, and helped Casey devise a plan to bring Mo on board for a tour that would end at the bow of the ship. On October 14th, with the Philadelphia skyline in the background, and the red, white and blue funnels of the SS United States towering above, Casey popped the question to a surprised and delighted Mo. Needless to say, she said yes.

The SS United States Conservancy wishes the couple a long and happy life together!


The SS United States remains a moving symbol of ingenuity, innovation, and our ability to join arm-in-arm to advance common goals. Has America's Flagship played a starring role in any important life moments of your own? We'd love to hear about it! Drop us a line at You can help support the future of the SS United States by donating today.

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