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Author-illustrator of upcoming SS United States book honored with Vermont Governor's Art Award

The SS United States Conservancy congratulates author-illustrator David Macaulay, who has been awarded the Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts in his adopted home state of Vermont. Macaulay and his family emigrated to the United States in 1946 aboard the SS United States, and he has a book in progress focused on the ship.

Author-illustrator David Macaulay with Conservancy Executive Director Susan Gibbs

The Rutland Herald wrote on the occasion:

Macaulay’s books have been honored with awards including the Caldecott Medal and Honor Awards and the Boston Globe Horn Book Award. In 2006, Macaulay was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship.

On Oct. 24, Macaulay will be recognized in his adopted home state with The Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, presented by the Vermont Arts Council and Gov. Phil Scott at a public celebration at the Highland Center for the Arts in Greensboro The award is the highest honor presented by the state to an artist.

In selecting Macaulay for this award, Scott said, “We recognize you for your long and successful career as an author and illustrator, having published books that have been translated into more than a dozen languages and having won numerous awards. We also honor your generous contribution to children’s understanding of ‘The Way Things Work,’ in the state of Vermont.”

Artwork by David Macaulay depicting a cross-section of the SS United States

The article continues:

Macaulay’s books bring his readers into his enthusiasm for his myriad subjects.

“I’ve been able to write books about things that interest me and have allowed me to exercise my curiosity and continue my education,” said Macaulay. “My tendency is to take on stuff that I don’t know much about but am intrigued by. It is a gift that in my job I can follow those leads.”

Click HERE to read the full article, and HERE to see more examples of David Macaulay's artwork featuring the SS United States.

Macaulay will also be giving talks on design, innovation and "the way things work" aboard our SS United States Legacy Cruise to Bermuda this spring. Find out more HERE, and book your tickets today!

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