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Tradition Brewing Company visits SS United States, namesake of Hull 488 IPA

Across the country, the SS United States continues to inspire. In February, Tradition Brewing Company in Newport News, VA, released Hull 488, an IPA named in honor of America's Flagship. With 10% of proceeds from canned sales donated to the Conservancy, Tradition Brewing are proud supporters of the SS United States.

This month, brewery co-founder and general manager Andy Beale visited the Big U in Philadelphia for the first time:

Hull 488, the signature craft IPA named after the hull of the SS United States.

Photo courtesy of Tradition Brewing Co.

Tradition Brewing's Hull 488 was first released in February, 2017, with a silent auction and launch party in Newport News, VA. This month, the Conservancy was excited to finally unite Hull 488 with its namesake, and welcome Tradition Brewing on board!

Beale speaks proudly of the origins of the Hull 488 name:

The shipbuilding industry is the backbone of our community here in Newport News, employing over 20,000 people who dedicate their lives to building the ships and submarines that keep the world safe. We did quite a bit of research about the Newport News shipbuilding industry during the development of our beer names, and came across Hull 488, the initial name of the future SS United States as she emerged in steel and aluminum at her graving dock.

The designer of the SS United States, William Francis Gibbs was once the greatest naval architect in the world, and the company bearing his moniker, Gibbs & Cox, is still in business today. They are our next door neighbors here at the brewery, and have provided us a remarkable opportunity to learn more about the Big U. The more we found out about the ongoing effort to preserve and restore the ship, the more passionate we became about helping out.

Representatives of Tradition Brewing and Gibbs & Cox had the opportunity to tour the ship with Conservancy staff, and the afternoon concluded with a beer tasting on deck as the sun set behind the proud funnels of America's Flagship.

Representatives of the SS United States Conservancy, Tradition Brewing, and Gibbs & Cox Maritime Solutions pose with Hull 488. Photo courtesy of Tradition Brewing Co.

We are so excited that Tradition Brewing are committed to the ongoing effort to preserve and restore the SS United States. This year, the brewery has already donated $4,000 to the Conservancy to help save the ship and honor her legacy.

Currently, Hull 488 cans are available for purchase throughout Virginia's Hampton Roads region — including in Newport News, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach — and at the Tradition Brewing tasting room in Newport News, VA. The brewery is also in the process of broadening its distribution network, and is working to secure distribution partners in multiple east coast cities! Do you have a favorite restaurant or bar you'd like to see carry Hull 488? Contact the Conservancy, or Tradition Brewing at


The SS United States remains a soaring symbol of ingenuity, innovation, and the nation's ability to join arm-in-arm to advance common goals. Is your organization interested in partnering with the SS United States Conservancy or becoming a corporate sponsor? Reach out at

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