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WATCH: Legendary NFL Coach Dick Vermeil Goes Long for America's Flagship

Dick Vermeil knows what it’s like to lead a team to victory, but did you know that the former NFL coach and broadcaster is also a proud supporter of America’s flagship?

Vermeil starred in a 2012 public service announcement released to correspond with the 60th anniversary of the launch of the SS United States. In this inspiring personal appeal, he campaigns to raise awareness of the ship's history and drive interest in the efforts to restore and revitalize the great vessel.

Vermeil stated at the time, "This ship symbolizes the very best of America. The SS United States is a true American champion and she deserves our help." He continued, “It is an honor to be part of this noble cause and so that this great American achievement can be restored and celebrated for generations to come.”

For his incredible support and rousing call to action on behalf of the SS United States, Vermeil was presented with the National Flagship Champion Medal by the SS United States Conservancy. Executive Director Susan Gibbs commented, "We hope that his endorsement of our efforts to save the United States will inspire and galvanize others throughout the country to lend a hand to our efforts to restore and repurpose this extraordinary ship.”


Feeling inspired? This is a crucial time for the SS United States, and you can play a decisive role in securing her future. There are many ways to get involved — you can make a donation today, join one of our amazing regional Conservancy chapters or follow us on Facebook to help spread the word about America's Flagship in your own community.

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