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WATCH: Commodore John Anderson Appears on Game Show "What's My Line?"

"What's My Line?" was a televised panel game show that ran in the United States on CBS from 1950 to 1967, with several subsequent U.S. revivals. The game required four celebrity panelists to pose yes or no questions to a contestant in order to determine the contestant's mystery occupation, or "line of work."

Commodore John Anderson of the SS United States appeared on the show on February 12th, 1956, with his occupation visible to the audience as "Captain of SS United States (World's Fastest Ocean Liner)."

Watch a segment of the show below:

Clip courtesy of Mark B. Perry.

After the panelists' successful guesses, host John Daly enthuses:

"[The SS United States is] quite a ship, by golly. I had the privilege once of touring her, and it's the first time in a good many years...that I feel we have a flagship for our commercial fleet that will stand up against anything that the other countries put on the water."

Commodore John Anderson was the longest serving captain aboard America's Flagship, commanding the ship from 1953 to 1964.

Commodore John Anderson, Captain of the SS United States 1953-1964.


The SS United States has been a cultural icon since her maiden voyage in 1952, and she continues to inspire authors, artists and musicians around the country. Now, America's Flagship needs our help. Help us save the Big U — become a member of the SS United States Conservancy today!

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