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SS United States Legacy Cruise Raises $100,000 to Help Save America’s Flagship

The SS United States Conservancy is proud to announce that the inaugural SS United States Legacy Cruise has raised $100,000 to help save America’s Flagship!

Cruise industry executive and philanthropist Jim Pollin, owner of the Pollin Group and winner of the SS United States Conservancy’s National Flagship Champion Award, presented a check to Conservancy executive director Susan Gibbs on May 6th for the amount of $100,000. The funds will be used to cover carrying costs for the SS United States as the Conservancy works to advance plans to revitalize the historic ship as a stationary mixed-use destination and museum.

Jim Pollin of the Pollin Group presents a check for $100,000 to the Conservancy alongside a number of SS United States Legacy Cruise attendees.

The surprise check presentation was made yesterday during the opening reception of the SS United States Legacy Cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit, currently en route to Bermuda as part of a week-long cruise featuring seminars and special events celebrating our nation’s sole-remaining ocean liner, the irreplaceable SS United States.

“The SS United States Legacy Cruise’s goal is to raise awareness of the ship’s historic importance and raise critical resources to save the vessel,” stated Gibbs. “Conservancy supporters from twenty states and Canada, together with the world’s leading experts on the SS United States and the bygone era of ocean liner travel, have gathered to energize and inform the effort to save America’s Flagship.”

The program for the cruise, organized by the Pollin Group — who specialize in shipboard meetings and “seminars at sea” — includes special lectures by renowned author-illustrator David Macaulay, whose forthcoming book focuses on the SS United States, as well as presentations by representatives from Gibbs and Cox, the original designers of the ship, and by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Mark B. Perry, producer of the acclaimed American Public Television documentary, “SS United States: Lady in Waiting.”

Jim Pollin of the Pollin Group presents a check for $100,000 to Susan Gibbs of the SS United States Conservancy at the opening reception of the SS United States Legacy Cruise.

“The Pollin Group wanted to help bring people together who are committed to keeping America’s Flagship afloat,” said Pollin, who last summer made a vital $150,000 donation to the Conservancy’s “We Are the United States” Campaign. “We decided to organize the first annual SS United States Legacy Cruise and donate all of the cruise commissions back to the Conservancy. The interest in this journey, which retraces the SS United States’ historic route to Bermuda, has been overwhelming. We’ve shattered our fundraising goal and have raised $100,000 from commissions and donations,” said Pollin.

“We are so grateful to Jim for his steadfast support for the SS United States and the Conservancy’s mission,” stated Gibbs. “His passion, creativity and generosity are truly energizing as we work day in and day out to ensure this great symbol of our nation is saved for future generations.”


We're hoping that the generous contributions of Jim Pollin and our SS United States Legacy Cruise participants will serve as an inspiration to others during this critical time for America's Flagship!

Help us maintain the momentum, as we move full speed ahead towards saving the Big U; make your own donation today.

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