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Larry Driscoll Appears on The Other Side of Midnight

Larry Driscoll has a lifelong fascination with our nation's great ships, dating back to childhood voyages on the SS United States and her sister ship, the SS America.

A proud member of the Conservancy's Advisory Council, Driscoll is widely regarded as an expert on the subject of maritime history — particularly when it comes to the "super liners" of the 20th century. His 2013 book, The Last Great Race: The SS United States and the Blue Riband, delves into the heated rivalry between United States Lines and Cunard, while painting a detailed portrait of the Big U's dedicated designer, William Francis Gibbs. (You can order a copy by following a link from our gift shop.)

Image courtesy of The Glencannon Press.

Recently, Larry Driscoll appeared on the weekly internet radio show, The Other Side of Midnight — a program that, according to host Richard Hoagland, more often discusses spaceships than ocean liners — for a lengthy discussion about the SS United States, the SS America, and much more. It's a fascinating conversation, informed by Driscoll's deep knowledge of 20th century maritime history, as well as his meaningful personal experiences with America's Flagship. You can listen to it in full HERE.

Want to hear more interviews related to the SS United States? CLICK HERE to listen to Conservancy Executive Director Susan Gibbs, granddaughter of designer William Francis Gibbs, on an episode of the monthly maritime podcast, Around the Buoy. She shares intimate stories of her grandfather's vision and passion for "the big ship."


The SS United States has always been a soaring symbol of ingenuity, innovation, and the nation's ability to join arm-in-arm to advance common goals. It is inconceivable that she has endured all of these years, only to be lost now.

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