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From the Captain's Table: Scrambled Eggs Rothschild

Welcome back to our weekly blog series, Recipes from The Captain's Table. Each week, we're featuring recipes crafted and served on board America's Flagship, which you can replicate in your own kitchen.

Scrambled eggs are often thought of as typical breakfast fare, and rarely considered "gourmet." However, with a little effort, this staple food can transformed into a transcendent meal you won't soon forget!

Today, we're excited to share another exotic dish brought to you by the imagination and culinary talents of Big U chef, Otto Bismarck — Scrambled Eggs Rothschild.

Straight from the pages of United States Lines' 1967 recipe book, The Captain's Table, here are the instructions for recreating this inventive dish in your very own kitchen.

"The friendly scrambled egg becomes an international sophisticate.

Shell 1 pound cooked shrimp. Reserve the meat and dry the shells in the oven for a short period. Pound the shells in a large mortar having a heavy pestle, adding gradually 2 tablespoons heavy cream, until they are broken up as finely as possible and blended to a smooth paste. Rub the mixture through a very fine sieve, combine it with 12 eggs, beaten, and season with salt and white pepper to taste. Cook the egg mixture in a double boiler over hot water until it is smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture into a timbale mold and arrange a small bunch of cooked asparagus tips in the center of the mold. Arrange the reserved shrimp meat around the rim of the timbale and garnish with thick slices of black truffles. Serves 6."

A scanned page from The Captain's Table, donated by Kingston Winget.


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