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What Do "Spinning Sails" & the SS United States Have In Common?

Innovative "spinning sails" on cargo ships have been in the news as shipping lines try to ramp up vessel speed & reduce carbon emissions. Maersk has partnered with Shell Oil to pilot fuel-saving technologies, but perhaps another solution can be found in the SS United States' enormous funnels!

Former passengers and crew members say the ship's mighty red, white and blue smokestacks were so huge that they'd catch the wind and the 990-foot long superliner would pick up speed (However, the captain kept her mighty steam turbines running). To the best of our knowledge, creative crew members did not affix a spinnaker sail to the SS United States’ radar mast.

America’s Flagship is in danger of being lost to history; however, her revitalization could encompass exciting green and renewable technologies: She was innovative upon her launch in 1952, and her resurrection and rebirth would be equally innovative now. Will you join our effort to rescue and revitalize this American icon?

Photo courtesy of Klaus Albes

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