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A letter from the family of Rose Hagopian, SS United States passenger

The We Are the United States campaign is about our shared values and the people who keep them alive. Today, we want to share a letter from some gracious donors to the Conservancy, the family of Rose Hagopian, née Kalestian, who traveled aboard America's Flagship in 1952, her first year of service:

Dear SS United States Committee,

This letter is written on behalf of Rose Hagopian (Kalestian). She was a passenger on SS United States in December of 1952. She saw the ship docked at the harbor, when she visited Philadelphia in 2001. It was a great joy and excitement to her and to her family when she heard that SS United States probably will go back into service and will continue to cross the ocean with her unbelievable speed.

Now, Rose is in her eighties, and she resides in Montebello, California with her husband and five children. She and her family would like to thank you for your hard work in the restoration of SS United States. We wish you a continued success in your efforts to preserve the ship. Rose would like to share pictures of her life.


Rose Hagopian/Kalestian & Family

Rose's passport photo. Her voyage on America's Flagship began in Le Havre, France, and ended in New York on December 23rd, 1952.

Love, American style! A gem from the family scrapbook.

Stories like Rose's are the lifeblood of the SS United States. But for all her history, America's Flagship has so many stories still to tell-- donate today and keep her dream alive for generations to come!

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