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A letter from Janet Riesman, SS United States passenger

"On September 22, 1967, I sailed on this grand ship from NYC to Southampton," writes Janet Riesman, one of the many passionate donors behind the Conservancy's efforts to save America's Flagship. As she continues:

This time the efforts to save the United States must succeed! Every since I sailed on her I have loved her and been fascinated by her speed and elegance. I was student headed to England for graduate work. The day I sailed on Big U, the Queen Mary also departed NYC for the last time. The tributes to the Queen Mary were memorable, but I was proud to be on the world's fastest ship!

Janet was generous enough to provide the Conservancy with two personal photos from her SS United States experience fifty years ago:

Preparing for an extraordinary voyage aboard the 'Big U'

Cabin class deck; rough seas

The SS United States courses with stories like Janet's. But for all her history, America's Flagship has so many tales still to tell-- support the We Are the United States campaign today!

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