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Rehabilitating The SS United States: A Senior Thesis Design Project

For his senior thesis project for the Interior Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Elvis Negron capitalized on his passion for ocean liners and chose the SS United States as his topic.

Elvis reimagined the ship as a welcoming space where creative individuals of all backgrounds could gather in a type of coworking, idea-exchanging environment. The interior of the ship would feature a variety of spaces such as gathering spaces, exhibition galleries, office space for non-profit organizations, retail space, and venues for musicians and other forms of entertainment. Elvis incorporated a public promenade to serve as the unifying design element to connect the ship’s users. The backbone of Elvis’s redesign? The Big U’s historical and architectural significance, and extant features which are carefully incorporated.

This vision for the ship is a powerful example of how the Big U can be a unifying element derived from the ship’s unparalleled significance.

Want to learn more about Elvis's project? CLICK HERE for the full presentation!


We are so very inspired by Elvis's vision for the future of America's Flagship! Today, with your help, this future can become a reality — join our mission to rescue and revitalize this great American icon today!

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