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William Francis Gibbs & World War II: A Patriotic Legacy

World War II was a defining event in our nation's history, a time when all Americans were called upon to contribute to the war effort. Millions were asked to ration their use of certain products that were instead used in the war, while countless more went to work in factories across the nation to supplied America's armed forces with necessary goods.

William Francis Gibbs contributed by designing and constructing the majority of the ships used by American forces-- his firm, Gibbs & Cox, oversaw the construction of over 70% of all U.S. Navy ships built during the war.

All told, Gibbs' innovative designs and technological trailblazing allowed the American military to win the war at sea. Gibbs would later design the SS United States, continuing his legacy of patriotism and maritime ingenuity.

This American icon must be saved so that her legacy will be preserved for generations to come-- make your donation and join our voyage today!

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