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Artist Constructs Toothpick Sculpture of SS United States’ Sister Ship, SS America

Innovative artist Wayne Kusy first discovered his passion for folk art in fifth grade. Constructing displays and artwork using popsicle sticks, dried macaroni, and household thread, Kusy would soon discover creating art with toothpicks.

His first toothpick ship was the HMS Quebec-- Kusy built it using his imagination based on the USS Constitution and the Cutty Sark. Between then and high school, Wayne created four different ships – three clipper ships and the RMS Titanic – each helping him discover even more effective ways to construct the skeleton of the ships all while maintaining their structural integrity.

Now, Wayne Kusy has been dedicating his time to building an incredible model of the SS America, the SS United States’ beautiful sister ship who served as a naval troop transport ship and passenger ocean liner for 24 years.

Witness his amazing handiwork for yourself:

“Over the years my ships grew and grew. I specialise in building ocean liners between 1895 and 1950," he said. "These ships were huge and had class. They were like floating castles. Most of all they are a challenge to replicate. My largest was the Queen Mary 1936, 25 feet long at 814,000 toothpicks.”

Count us among this man's big fans! Be sure to visit Wayne’s website to learn more about his artwork:

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