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Keene Sentinel: "Luxury liners star at Salem’s Peabody Essex Museum"

Excitement continues to build around the "Ocean Liners" exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts! Read this reaction courtesy of Keene Sentinel contributing writer Stillman Rogers:

Image courtesy of Janet Riesman

"It is hard to pick any one thing that dominates, so many objects grab the eye, the heart or the emotions. The collection of advertising posters is magnificent and demonstrates the development of advertising techniques as liners were perfected from the late 1800s through the mid-20th century...

[One] of the great ships represented in this show is the United States, launched in 1952, still the fastest liner to cross the Atlantic. While most liners took more than five days, she did it in three days, 12 hours. The design of her hull was considered a national top secret, the height of mid-20th century design. Astoundingly, the mock-up of her secret hull, used for pre-construction water testing, is part of this exhibit, as is the half-hull model dictating the placement of the steel hull plates. Moreover, the exhibit includes stunning furnishings like cocktail tables, large glass wall panels, chairs and even the signal flag décor from the swimming pool area."


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