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WE ARE THE UNITED STATES Fundraising Update: June 23rd

We are proud to announce that the Conservancy's WE ARE THE UNITED STATES Campaign just had its biggest week of fundraising!

Collectively between our website and GoFundMe page, we entered this week having raised $13,821.18. Today, we're standing tall at $21,907.18.

That's a 58% increase in just seven days-- thanks to all who helped make it happen, and let's try for even more next week!

"I hope others will join me in helping to keep the S.S. United States going, even if it is for other purposes than what it was originally built for. It was the fastest ship when it was made, and still holds the record for crossing the Atlantic."

--GoFundMe donor James Craft

"My memories of the SS United States will always remain vivid. She MUST be preserved for future generations around the world."

--GoFundMe donor Andy Herdan

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