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"We Are the United States" campaign receives $150,000 donation

The SS United States Conservancy is thrilled to share that we have received a $150,000 contribution to our “We Are the United States” campaign on the eve of its conclusion. Because of this generous donation, we are extending our national fundraising and outreach effort.

We hope that this generous donation inspires others to support our efforts to secure a bright future for the SS United States. Sixty-five years ago this month, the ship returned to New York after her record-breaking maiden voyage and became a national heroine. That America's Flagship remains afloat today is a remarkable testament to the ship's resilience and historical importance.

You can contribute “We Are the United States” campaign on this website or the Conservancy’s GoFundMe page.

We were just days away from deciding the fate of the world’s fastest ocean liner and only ship to bear the nation’s name. The donation by cruise industry executive Jim Pollin will extend our grassroots fundraising campaign through mid-September.

We had set a goal of raising $500,000 to keep the ship afloat back in May. To date, our “We Are the United States” campaign has raised nearly $200,000. Our board of directors was scheduled to vote this week on whether to recycle or reef the historic ship.

This donation gives us more time to raise additional resources for the ship’s expenses as we continue to negotiate with prospective developers and secure a permanent location for the vessel. We are profoundly grateful for Jim Pollin’s passion for the SS United States. He is a hero to all of us who care about saving our nation’s heritage.

We continue to advance plans for the vessel's conversion into a stationary mixed-use landmark destination. However, we are in a race against time to raise the funds to cover the ship’s ongoing monthly carrying costs at its current pier in Philadelphia. We also remain committed to the long-term effort of locating, preserving and showcasing thousands of original artifacts, as well as archival documentation, from America’s Flagship.

“There is no doubt in my mind that if the Conservancy can continue to keep the United States afloat that a viable option for her future will be presented,” Pollin told us. “So much of who we are as a country is represented by this great ship. Americans need to step up now to help save her. The United States is as much a part of our nation as the ground on which we live and work. We cannot allow her to be destroyed. It would be a terrible loss for the country.”

Pollin is the son of the late Abe Pollin who, together with his wife, Irene, owned the Washington Capitals and Wizards professional sports teams. The Pollins were also central figures in the revitalization of downtown Washington D.C. and supported a range of philanthropic causes.

We are profoundly grateful to Jim Pollin and to all of the Conservancy's members and supporters from 50 states and 36 countries around the world. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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