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America's Flagship: An Enduring Symbol of Unity

The story of the SS United States is one of bringing people together — and no ocean liner ever did it faster or more safely.

Today, Conservancy supporter Lynda Descanio shares this treasure: a message sent via radiogram confirming her mother's arrival in Germany aboard the Big U 64 years ago for the greatest reason of all...

As Lynda wrote to us:

"My mother Marilyn E. Reeves was a passenger on the SS United States on her crossing from New York to Bremerhaven in February 1953 so that she and my father could be together for the birth of their first child. I have the original Ship to Shore radiogram from my Father (Corp in army, stationed in Germany) confirming her arrival. I was born in Stuttgart six months later."

This is the kind of story that makes up the lifeblood of the SS United States. In uniting two continents, she was able to bring countless families together, and deliver them the chance to start new lives. Even today, 65 years after her debut, her power to inspire lives on.


Join the Conservancy's effort to rescue and revitalize America's Flagship by becoming a Conservancy member today. If your family has its own story to share, we want to hear it! Drop us a line at

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