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Around the Web: "SS United States Gets Last-Minute Reprieve"

On the heels of a major donation, the WE ARE THE UNITED STATES campaign has never had more momentum-- and folks are taking notice around the web.

Read what Travel Agent Central columnist Adam Lepesa wrote this week:

The historic SS United States ocean liner has been granted a reprieve with a last-minute donation that prompted the SS United States Conservancy to extend national fundraising and outreach to save the ship.

The Conservancy had been in the midst of a $500,000 crowdfunding campaign to save the historic vessel that has to date raised nearly $200,000. On the eve of a vote by the organization’s board of directors on whether to recycle or reef the ship, a $150,000 donation by cruise industry executive Jim Pollin prompted the board to extend the fundraising campaign through mid-September.

The SS United States was built as part of a top secret Cold War program to build the fastest ship in history, and it still holds the transatlantic speed record. Over the course of its history the ship has played host to world leaders, theater and movie stars, tourists and immigrants.

Together, we can save the United States.

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