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Listen to the song about how the SS United States "made the world believe"

America's Flagship has inspired a number of extraordinary artists and musicians, and we are so grateful to them for keeping the ship's spirit alive.

If you haven't heard Dan Landau's fabulous song, "To Every Journey", or haven't listened to it in a while, we encourage you to give it a spin today:

A New York City-born, Los Angeles-raised, Ohio-based singer-songwriter, Landau reminds us how the ship "made the whole world believe" as she sped across the Atlantic Ocean. Accompanied by the Virginia Children's Chorus -- whose members include grandchildren and other descendants of Newport News Shipbuilding employees who built the Big U -- Landau sings powerfully about how America's Flagship "still speaks to all who dream, and to every journey yet to be."

All of you who have supported our efforts to rescue and revitalize the SS United States have indeed been on quite a journey together, and we couldn't be more grateful for your continued support-- be sure to tell a friend about our GoFundMe page!

Together, we are determined to keep the dream alive and save our Flagship.



“To Every Journey”, Words and Music by Dan Landau, Performed by Dan Landau with the Virginia Children’s Chorus, Carol Thomas Downing, Founder/Artistic Director.

© 2015 Daniel A. Landau. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

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