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Flagship FAQs: What is the Conservancy doing to secure a bright future for the SS United States?

The SS United States Conservancy is launching a new series in which we answer important questions posed by our generous supporters.

The Conservancy's goal is to revitalize America's Flagship as a stationary, mixed-use museum and development destination. (The Conservancy has also explored prospects for the ship's return to sea-going service.) The SS United States's redevelopment is a capital-intensive project that presents unique challenges -- as well as extraordinary opportunities. The Conservancy is in continued discussions with potential investors and developers regarding activating the ship's commercial potential. The Conservancy is also engaged in outreach with government officials and other stakeholders regarding potential permanent homes for the vessel. Sensitive negotiations focused on possible sites and project financing must remain confidential until firm commitments are secured. The Conservancy has signed nondisclosure agreements with a number of entities, and these obligations restrict our ability to share information with the public. However, we look forward to sharing details about the ship's redevelopment once specific plans advance.

For more answers to frequently asked questions about the SS United States and the Conservancy, CLICK HERE to read our full summary. Additionally, you can always drop us a line at

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