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A young artist and SS United States supporter's 9/11 tribute

A 16-year old supporter from Ohio, Jacob Lee Parks, shares his drawing honoring this week's anniversary of September 11th.

Jacob has been producing art on this powerful theme every year, and this year, he decided it should include his favorite ship. In a note to the Conservancy accompanying his drawing, he wrote, "I love what you guys do and I appreciate it every day."

The SS United States has inspired Jacob to become a naval architect one day. He recently encountered a setback when his Conservancy membership card was damaged in the washing machine. We assured him that we'd send him a replacement!


America's Flagship has been inspiring artists and innovators for 65 years. Are you a painter, sketch artist, or model builder who loves the Big U? We'd love to see your work! Send us an email at info@ssusc org.

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