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Development potential of SS United States is focus of Conservancy executive director’s letter to the

The SS United States Conservancy continues its efforts to secure a permanent location for America's Flagship and identify partners that share that vision. In a New York Times letter to the editor last week, Susan Gibbs, the Conservancy’s executive director, described how the SS United States offers a unique development opportunity:

Executive director Susan Gibbs in front of Pier 54, New York City

In her letter Gibbs, who is also the granddaughter of SS United States designer William Francis Gibbs, responded to the New York Times' editorial board, affirming that “New York should welcome the S.S. United States, the country’s fabled flagship and sole remaining ocean liner, back to the city it once called home.”

With the recent demise of a major development planned for Piers 54/55 in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, the SS United States could provide a new, dynamic centerpiece to attract visitors and revenue to the Hudson River Park.

Berthed in New York, the SS United States could celebrate the city's storied maritime history and its fabled "Luxury Liner Row" as well as represent a centerpiece of environmental innovation. While the Conservancy is exploring several future ports-of-call, the prospect of the the SS United States' grand return to her original home port of New York is particularly exciting to many.

Read Susan Gibbs' letter to the editor HERE.

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