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The SS United States on the Page: Ship Featured in New Suspense Novel

The SS United States has been a cultural icon since her maiden voyage in 1952. She has sustained a presence in today's political and popular discourse, and continues to inspire authors, artists and musicians around the country.

Author Thad Dupper is a passionate believer in the future of America's Flagship, and has incorporated the SS United States into his newest "technothriller," The Torchlight Gambit.

The cover of author Thad Dupper's The Torchlight Gabmit.

Check out a synopsis of the novel, a follow-up to Dupper's previous work, Attack on Nantucket:

The Torchlight Gambit takes the reader on a suspense-filled, international ride. North Korea has obtained the Dong-Feng 21D "carrier killer" missile technology that can take out an American Aircraft Carrier with a single shot. Armed with the new "Torchlight" weapon system, the US President, Andrew Russell, has decided the time is now to confront North Korea.

Meanwhile, Apple, which has just finished refurbishing the iconic ocean liner the SS United States with a mission to travel the world to conduct training and tech seminars for the world's youth, has agreed, under the guise of a PR tour, to send the United States to the Korean Peninsula.

The stage is now set for a global showdown. Everyone knew it would come and now that it has - the unexpected and unpredictable becomes the real threat.

Dupper isn't the first author to be inspired by the SS United States. The ship also plays a prominent role in Clive Cussler's Flood Tide, and Mary Perry's City of Whores.


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