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RMS Queen Mary Provides Inspiring Example for America's Flagship, with 50th Anniversary in Long

The storied Cunard liner the RMS Queen Mary sailed into the Port of Long Beach fifty years ago on December 9, 1967, where she has been successfully developed into a hotel, event space and museum complex. The impressive restoration of the British Queen Mary reminds us that it is imperative that we save America's own ocean liner, the SS United States, before it is too late.

As part of the Queen Mary's 50th anniversary celebration, Michael Alfred Richmond II and Andrew Hensley produced a fantastic animated video, which was shown on board the ship. While the video primarily commemorates the Queen Mary, the SS United States — the ship that vanquished the Queen Mary's speed record on her maiden voyage in 1952 — makes a triumphal appearance at the 10-minute mark.

This exciting clip from the film can be viewed HERE, and below.

The Mary (2017) by Michael Alfred Richmond II and Andrew Hensley.

Michael shared his thoughts on America's Flagship:

There is another maritime treasure here in the United States. It has sat along the pier in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania our nation's birth place, largely forgotten. The Queen Mary is living proof that what the United States Conservancy wants for the SS United States I can be achieved. The Queen Mary's Success after fifty wonderful years in Long Beach, California proves that with enduring determination for a cause, anything in our wildest dreams is possible. Here is to the hope that one day we too can walk aboard the decks of SS United States and experience that bygone era.

We agree with Michael wholeheartedly, and thank Michael and Andrew for their powerful video tribute, as well as Dominique Vaccaro, who contributed the SS United States model in Virtual Sailor 7. The Queen Mary was modeled by Michael Alfred Richmond II.


The SS United States offers over 500,000 square feet of the most innovative and exciting real estate in the country. We are committed to the ship's revitalization and redevelopment, but America's Flagship needs your help. Donate today to help ensure the future of the world's fastest ocean liner, and follow us on Facebook to help spread the word online!

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