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Robert G. Lloyd ‘A Race to the Finish’ Prints Now Available

The Conservancy is excited to share an extraordinary new painting by world-renowned marine artist Robert G. Lloyd entitled, "A Race to the Finish." Prints of the painting, which features the SS United States and RMS Queen Mary returning side-by-side to New York, are available now in two sizes.

"A Race to the Finish" by Robert G. Lloyd.

Lloyd imagines the scene of his breathtaking work, loosely inspired by true events:

Early Spring, 1957. The SS United States races the RMS Queen Mary westbound past the Ambrose Light, also inward bound to New York.

Following five days of storms and heavy seas crossing the Atlantic, during which the SS United States and the RMS Queen Mary keep abreast of each other no less than a mile apart, finally the end is in sight.

Both ships are due to arrive in New York Harbor together, but Cunard’s Commodore George G. Morris radios his counterpart, Commodore John Anderson, on the bridge of the United States: "It’s your home port, please take the honor and proceed ahead of us to your berth."

The painting depicts two of the most famous of the great transatlantic liners. In their heyday, these great ships represented the only way to cross from the United States to Europe, but by 1957 their time was drawing to a close. In 1953, the de Havilland Comet became the first commercial jet airliner to operate regular service across the Atlantic, marking the start of the era of air travel, and the death knell for age of the luxury transatlantic liner.

Stunning detail in Robert G. Lloyd's "A Race to the Finish."

Limited edition prints are now available at two sizes, 24 x 20 inches (image area 20 x 14 inches) and a larger size of 20x30 inches (image area 27 x 17 inches).

Both prints are produced on high quality, heavy weight, acid-free paper. Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist, and includes a signed and numbered certificate of provenance.

Prints are dispatched via tracked airmail, and are $137.00 inclusive for the smaller size and $187.00 for the larger size. The total run is only 70 prints for the smaller size and 50 prints for the larger size, so be sure to place your order today! 25% of the proceeds from print sales will be donated to the SS United States Conservancy and directly support efforts to save the SS United States. To order please contact the artist directly at

Want to see more? Check out another incredible painting by Lloyd, "Luxury Liner Row, New York circa 1957." A limited number of "Luxury Liner Row" prints also remain available.


The SS United States has been a cultural icon since her maiden voyage in 1952, and she continues to inspire authors, artists and musicians around the country. Now, America's Flagship needs our help. Help us save the Big U — become a member of the SS United States Conservancy today!

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