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Flagship FAQs: Preserving Your SS United States Story with the Conservancy

Today, we’re back to answer another important question posed by our generous supporters: How can I preserve and share my own SS United States story?

The SS United States Conservancy prides itself on preserving the unparalleled history of the SS United States through our curatorial programs and growing permanent collections. As part of our curatorial mission, we're also capturing the intangible history of America's Flagship and collecting the stories of passengers and crew members who traveled aboard the Big U!

Now, you too, can be a part of history — learn how you can share your SS United States memories today:

Did you or a family member travel aboard the SS United States during her service career, work aboard the vessel, or have another memorable experience involving America's Flagship? The Conservancy would love to hear from you, and add your story to our permanent records. You'll be helping us to built a vibrant, living history of the world's greatest ocean liner, and we'll ensure that your memories are preserved for generations to come.

To share your story today, drop us a line at The Conservancy also has brief online questionnaires for former passengers and crew members, which we welcome you to complete. The passenger questionnaire can be accessed by clicking HERE, and the crew member questionnaire can be found HERE. Alternatively, printable PDF versions can be provided upon request.

Sisters Leslie and Patti Thomas, then ages 16 and 13, sailed aboard the SS United States with their parents in 1963. Read their story HERE. Photograph courtesy of Christina Hoffman.

The Conservancy is diligently exploring how best to preserve, celebrate, and share the range of passenger experiences from the SS United States' service career through audio, video and digital media. If you have photographs, video or other memorabilia from your time aboard the ship, we encourage you to also reach out.

Learn more about making a donation of artifacts or personal photographs HERE.


You can read more about the Legacy Project on the Conservancy’s website HERE. If you have any questions, please contact For more answers to frequently asked questions about the SS United States and the Conservancy, CLICK HERE to read our full summary.

Your support keeps America's Flagship safe and allows us to continue to chart a course towards her revitalization and redevelopment. Make your donation today.

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